Policy on After Hours Use of Buildings

Download a Printable After-Hours Request Form

Normal operating procedures call for locking the Mesa Building at 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and at 5 p.m. on Friday. On weekends, doors are locked in accordance with library and Student Union hours.

When the building is locked, students, staff and faculty must call UTPB Police Communications at 432-552-2786 (MB 1240.)

Students going into special areas need prior written authorization from the faculty member over that area. Faculty members requiring students to enter buildings after hours need to complete the After-Hours Authorization Form. The Authorization Form may be obtained from the Police department. The forms should be specific as to time of day and dates of authorization. Police personnel will either check out a key or enter buildings with students as necessary to unlock special areas.

Lights can be left on hallways on any floor when it is known that students will be required to use the area after hours. A copy of the After-Hours Authorization Form will be sent to Physical Plant to allow for light control.

Students, faculty or staff wishing to be escorted to their car need to request such service from the Police Communications Center or by calling 432-552-2786 and requesting a personal escort.

Rules and Regulations for Key Check-Out


In order to provide students with as much convenience as possible and to maintain a secure and safe campus, faculty, staff, and students should comply to the following guidelines when obtaining keys:

  • The supervisor/advisor of each department/organization must complete the proper authorization form prior to anyone gaining access into designated areas.
  • Authorization forms are available at the top of this page or at UTPB Police Headquarters (MB 1240) next to Accounting. This is the only form which will be accepted for authorizations.
  • Only one room may be designated per authorization form.
  • A person is only authorized entry into the room listed on the authorization form.
  • Authorization will only be valid for the specified dates as listed by the supervisor/advisor. Authorizations which specify specific semesters will expire on the last day of the semester as listed by the registrar's office.
  • Authorization forms must be renewed each semester.
  • When contacting the Police Headquarters, please have your validated student identification card available to exchange for the key.
  • It is necessary for everyone checking out a key to log into the key check-out folder in order to document who has had access into the designated room for the day.
  • The person who checks the key out must be the one to return the key to the Police Headquarters. No key exchanges are allowed outside of the Police Headquarters.
  • If you have the key checked out for a specific room, you are expected to be in that room. If you leave the room and take the key with you, other students will not be able to gain access. Please be considerate of other students.
  • If you want to obtain access into an area in which the key has previously been checked out and there is no one in the room (prohibiting your access), you should speak with your supervisor/advisor regarding the misuse of the key.