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UTPB Timely Warnings

Emergency Communication System

The University of Texas at Permian Basin employs Falcon Alert which is an emergency notification service that gives UTPB administration the ability to communicate health, safety, or other emergency information quickly- by text messaging to your cell phone. If you enroll in Falcon Alert, university officials can quickly pass on safety-related information to you regardless of your location.

The Falcon Alert system will be used ONLY to send emergency information and information related to abnormal situations. For example, subscribers will be notified by the Falcon Alert system if a decision is made to close the university due to weather or some other event. Subscribers will be notified by the Falcon Alert system if an emergency situation on campus requires students to shelter in place. The Falcon Alert system will NOT be used for routine communications about university events or for any form of advertising. Falcon Alert is a NO SPAM zone.

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