Claim Your Falcon ID for Online

With your FalconID, you will be able to access your university email, Canvas and login to myUTPB for important information.

1.Check your current e-mail account or UTPB letter containing your University Identification (UT ID) and details about your PIN number.

2.Claim your FalconID and set your password.

3.Before classes start verify your schedule at my.utpb.edu using you FalconID and password you setup.
(Ok to allow display non-secure items on your browser.)

4.Use my.utpb.edu for all your academic and accounting information.

IMPORTANTUTPB email is for all UTPB official business including work. Outlook 365 is used for UTPB email. To login you use your FalconID with the @utpb.edu extension. Email is the only place you have to use @utpb.edu at login

Format for your Falcon ID and information on your Password.

  • UTPB Username:last name+underscore+(1st letter of first name)+(last 5 digits of student ID)
  • UTPB Password:password chosen when claiming your 10-digit student ID