Geology Program

Study the earth.


Geology Program

Discovering Earth's Treasures.

The study of geology is more than just rocks, it’s an in-depth look at how earth was formed, what it’s made of and how it’s always changing. Geology students study the earth, the elements that comprise it, and the forces that act upon it. UT Permian Basin is the perfect place to study geology—we’re located (and named after) a famous geologic province known as the Permian Basin.

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Why Geology at UTPB?

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We are located in the energy epicenter of the world, which means more experience and job opportunities

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Small Class Size

Geology faculty truly care about the students and their success

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Real-World Experience

Students are able to work with companies and visit sites to gain hands-on knowledge.

Why should I study geology?

Students who pursue a degree in Geology at UT Permian Basin benefit from the outstanding natural laboratory of West Texas. In the Geology program, you will achieve mastery of the fundamentals in geology at a professional level. You will also broaden your background to pursue a career in any of the geoscience subdisciplines. You will be prepared to enter and succeed in the work force or pursue a higher level degree and research.

What are my job prospects?

As both an applied and academic discipline, a degree in Geology will prepare you for careers in:

  • Petroleum
  • Mining
  • Water resources
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental geology
  • Governmental agencies
  • Engineering geology
  • Geochemistry
  • Geophysics
  • Natural resources

What industry-specific skills will I learn?

 Our UT Permian Basin geology students have the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to solve real-world problems. Experiential learning increases students' understanding, allowing them to become more confident and competent in their skills. Industry skills that students learn and practice include:

  • Observation, data collection, analysis, and interpretation
  • Ability to prepare, process and present data
  • Problem solving skills and lateral thinking
  • The ability to recognize patterns and understand complex systems

Wolfcamp Catalogue - A collaborative project with the arts and geosciences

In 2021 Amy met with Dr. Michael Zavada, chair of the geosciences department at UTPB, regarding a photo series she was working on about the Wolfcamp Shale in the Permian Basin. Wolfcamp is a geologic formation that is important to oil production and it is found in the Permian Basin. From that point forward the collaboration between the two departments intensified. Geology faculty spent hours assisting Amy with discipline specific questions and donating the precious core samples for the exhibition. Once completed, Wolfcamp Catalogue was first showcased at the 5th Annual Geoscience Symposium in the Spring of 2022.


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