Student Body President

Chidubem Njoku


My name is Chidubem Njoku, and I am so pleased and proud to serve as the Student Body President at UT Permian Basin especially in the historic year when the university celebrates its 50th Anniversary. I am a Nursing major and currently in my 3rd year at the university. I am from Imo State, located in the South- East of Nigeria. However, I have spent most of my childhood in the capital city of Nigeria, FCT-Abuja. Apart from my duties and responsibilities with the Student Government Association, I am a member of the International Students Organization and I am also a Resident Assistant here on campus.

During my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and playing video games such as Football Manager and FIFA. I love listening to afrobeats and I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love eating Nigerian delicacies such as Jollof rice, Fufu and Egusi soup. I am a very positive and open- minded person. I love to explore, meet new people and learn about different cultures.

Why I love UTPB


I love this university because it feels more like a family than a regular college and everyone here wants to help, see you succeed, and become the best version of yourself. The small class sizes are also a huge plus for me. All my professors from my first semester here are familiar with me, either by my name or by my face. They have been great mentors throughout my academic journey. I am so glad I chose to come to this university, and I have never had any doubt or reason to question my decision to be a falcon. I am also grateful for the experiences, the opportunities, and all the wonderful people I have met at this university.

The importance of SGA

The Student Government Association plays a crucial role in our educational institution, serving as the voice and representative body for students by the students. The SGA contributes to the overall student experience by advocating for student interests, addressing concerns, and fostering a sense of community on campus. Through our activities, the SGA promotes student engagement, leadership development, and a spirit of collaboration.

The SGA in our campus community works closely with faculty, administration, and other campus organizations to create a positive and inclusive campus environment.  In the past, some of our organization’s highlights include the implementation of a reading day (no classes) before finals. Some of our current projects for this academic year involves providing free hygiene products to both men and women and so much more.

Getting involved on campus

Getting involved isn't just about activities; it's about shaping your college experience. Join clubs, engage in events, and embrace the high- spirited community around you. Through involvement, you'll make lasting connections, discover new passions, and develop essential skills. Don't just be a spectator—become an active participant in your college journey. Your engagement not only enriches your own experience but also contributes to the vibrant tapestry of our campus community.