Student Life

UT Permian Basin is a young institution and that means new traditions are started all the time. Chances are that your idea could end up being a tradition. How falcon awesome would that be? 

Traditional Events

  • Celebration on the Quad: An annual event in December when the campus and local communities come together to learn about various winter holidays and share traditions. 
  • Club Days: Days for student organizations to promote themselves to students interested in getting involved. Students can join organizations at any time.
  • FalconPalooza: A week-long spring festival to celebrate UTPB Founder’s Day on April 24th.
  • Halloween Carnival: A fundraising event organized by Student Life for student organizations. Open to the campus and local communities in late October.
  • Homecoming: A week-long celebration for current students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Ends with coronation of Homecoming King and Queen at a football game each fall semester. 
  • Midnight Breakfast: A free late-night breakfast held each semester during finals week to help students de-stress. 
  • Welcome Week: A week-long celebration to kick off the academic year. Includes free activities and giveaways for students. 

Traditional Songs and Shouts: 

Falcons Up Call & Response

Call: Falcons Up! 
Response: You Know 

Fighting Falcons (Fight Song) 

We’re the Falcons, Mighty Falcons, Go Falcons Win
Hail to the orange and white Victory is in our sight
We’re the Falcons, Mighty Falcons, Loyal ‘til the end
U-T-P-B Falcons Up, Falcons Up Fight, Fight, Fight

Alma Mater (School Song) 

Hail Alma Mater, Always loyal be.
Where ere life leads, success is owed to thee!
Through life’s endeavors, vict’ries we will see.
We are mighty Falcons of UTPB!