Hey, artists and designers between the ages of 12 - 18 - there is a camp just for you! 

The summer campers will work with screenprinting and photography during week one and 3D-Printing and stop-motion/animation during week two. The workshops will be held at the UTPB Charles A. Sorber Visual Arts Studios. The campers will work with professional equipment and software to create their artwork.

Admission is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Register early to secure your spot for the summer activities.

Week 1: June 6 - 9

Morning - Screenprinting

Silkscreen was started first in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). This printmaking process has improved since its beginning. Over the years, new techniques, processes, and equipment have made the process more user-friendly. Non-toxic processes will be used during these sessions. Campers will create designs for garments and use the silkscreen process to print the designs on fabric.

Afternoon - Digital Photography

Photography is used to capture a moment in time that can be remembered on a future date. Photography has grown over the years and with the advancement of technology the camera has become smaller in size that can be used in cell phones, drones, and vehicles. Campers will use digital cameras to capture images that can be used for personal and commercial needs.

Week 2: June 13 - 16

Morning - 3D-Printing

3D printers and laser engravers will be used to create customized objects/characters that resemble functional, non-functional, and fictional/mythical characters.

Afternoon - Stopmotion/Animation

Stopmotion/animation is used for several needs. The animated images are used to create cartoons, learning tutorials, etc. Campers will plan their stop-motion/animation with sound during the art camp.

Workshop Hours 

Morning Sessions: Monday - Thursday | 9:00-11:50
Afternoon Sessions: Monday - Thursday | 12:00-2:50


Each workshop is $125 for the week. Fees include snacks and drinks, instructional materials, ID, insurance, and a camp t-shirt.


20% off for 4 subjects
10% off for 3 subjects
5% off for 2 subjects

Refund Policy

Full refunds will be granted to campers who cancel registration by 3:00 pm the Friday before camp/workshops begin. No refunds will be given after this deadline.

Return Check 

Amount of returned check plus $25 returned check fee must be paid in cash to Accounting in order for your child to continue participation in camp.

The University of Texas Permian Basin is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications for camp will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or physical disability.

The Office for Programs Assisting Students Study (PASS) provides information about accommodations and provides services to students with disabilities.

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