English Program

Creative thinking.


English Program 

Broaden your understanding of the world around you.

Do you love literature-especially the classics? Does writing and communicating come naturally to you or intrigue you? If so, a degree in English is the path for you. Explore classic and modern literature and strengthen your word craft. 

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Why English at UTPB?

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Over 1.7 million employed with an English degree

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Understand basic communication and writing skills



English majors are needed in any field

Why should I study English?

With an English degree, students will get an in-depth knowledge of poetry, fiction, and drama. English majors learn to write in various styles, while analyzing literature and using critical thinking skills.

What are my job prospects?

A degree in English will open the door to many opportunities. Practical skills include professional and technical writing that can help secure a career in any of the following options:

  • Journalist
  • Librarian
  • Copywriter
  • Editor
  • Teacher
  • Research analyst

Interested in teaching?

Interested in teaching English to elementary, middle school, or high school students? Whatever path you choose we can help get you certified in English to teach! 

Teacher Certification

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