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Mathematics Program 

There's strength in numbers.

A degree in mathematics at UTPB prepares students to become problem solvers. Mathematics is incorporated in virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Math impacts real-world problems and we rely on mathematicians to have solutions to these problems that arise. Math students have the opportunity to go into a research based or a hands-on career.

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Why Mathematics at UTPB?

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There are over a million employment opportunities for math majors

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Skills acquired are interchangeable with numerous STEM related careers

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Options range from math teacher to aerospace engineering or financial analyst

Why should I study mathematics?

Mathematics at UTPB features courses in calculus, linear and modern algebra, analysis, and modeling. These programs allow students to think logically and solve quantitative problems. The skills learned can also be used in different career paths. Students will also participate in research based projects for high tech industries, government, and private companies. 

What are my job prospects?

Students that graduate with a mathematics degree are able to go into a variety of fields. Career options include:

  • Data scientist
  • Statistics
  • Market research
  • Information science
  • Education
  • Data analyst
  • Meteorologist

What if I want to teach?

Students interested in obtaining a mathematics degree can also have the opportunity to get their teaching certification to teach math at any level. 

Teaching Certification

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