Communicate emotions.
Turn insights into sounds.
Make music.


Music Programs

Listen. Compose. Play.

What sounds better to you: Waking up every morning sitting at a piano or a desk? Would you rather play pizzicato on a violin or work on a laptop for hours a day? These questions give some insight into the rigors of UT Permian Basin’s music programs. Your answers to these questions tell you you’re ready.

We offer a Bachelor of Music (Music Teacher Certification [Choral/Vocal, Strings, Wind/Percussion]) degree with your choice of emphasis in choral/vocal, string, or wind/percussion. The Minor in Music degree is for you if you’re passionate about making the music your heart desires while pursuing another career.

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Why Music at UTPB?

Gold Book

Fed Artist

94% of graduates work as teachers in Texas

Gold Microphone


Move easily to related work: sound engineer, music teacher, etc.



Join a variety of UTPB performance ensembles

Why should I study music?

Maybe you've been dreaming of a career in music since forever. Music careers are real and varied. Turn your dream into a real path in a rewarding field. Music expresses more than what we can put into words. It has the power to make moments meaningful and can unify communities. 

Harmonize your dreams and reality. The UT Permian Basin Music Department sets you on a real-world career path in the music industry.

What are my job prospects?

You can do a lot with a Bachelor of Music - EC-12 Music Teacher Certification degree—in fact, more than you might realize. Performing and teaching are the most common career paths, but you can also pursue a career as a:

  • Composer
  • Private studio instructor
  • Copyright consultant
  • Fine arts administrator
  • Director

The music business is competitive. Employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows 5,800 openings for music directors and composers. Lucky for you, Texas is the only state with two metro areas in the top 10 for the highest pay, well above the median annual wage.

What industry-specific skills will I learn?

Develop a music vocabulary that conveys your distinctive perspective on music and its benefit to society. UT Permian Basin’s music department hones your listening, performance, and analytical skills as you:

  • Increase your performance skills to an artist level 
  • Develop stronger and more articulate responses to musical compositions 
  • Strengthen your abilities to understand music, compose, and lead others in the creation of music

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