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Teacher Certification Programs

The mind is your why.

Start with your natural empathy and great communication. Notice those times you taught someone else, even when it wasn’t your job. Teaching fuels you.

Let UT Permian Basin show you how to take those gifts and use them to inform and improve minds—and start a rewarding profession, too.

Our teacher certification programs emphasize experiential learning through field-based experiences. Enjoy significant time in public school classrooms, applying acquired knowledge to a variety of learning situations.

UTPB Students

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Why get a Teacher Certification at UTPB?

Gold Book


 +1 million teaching jobs over the next decade

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 Two pathways to a successful career

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 Get certified in one year with Fast Track program

Why should I get a teacher certification?

You want to be part of shaping the minds of existing and future generations. With a teacher certification added on to your degree, you are authorized to do just that.

Simply go where your heart and mind lead you. Our department advisors are here to support you on the path to your desired career. We offer two options, depending on your own education.

What are my job prospects?

Begin teaching as a paid intern with a full salary and benefits or become a student teacher. Choose from certification areas in Pre-K & Elementary, Intermediate & Middle Grades, Secondary, and grades EC-12.

These areas include, but are not limited to, Early Childhood, Math, Chemistry, and Music.


What industry-specific skills will I learn?

You learn how to plan, implement, and assess meaningful learning experiences.

You gain insights into how to establish and maintain a positive learning environment. You also gain a grounding in educational psychology and models of instruction.

Find Your Perfect Program Fit

Our very own UT Permian Basin College of Education students are teaching the UTPB Summer 2021 Reading Camp.

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